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Where do i start?

I’ve been meaning to do this for a few years now but always put it off. But now for my benefit and the benefit of anyone else who is helped by it, here goes.

I’ve had allergies all my life since as long as i can remember. I remember going to my Aunt and Uncle’s home and playing with their cat and coming home with my eyes swollen shut. In my early years (before age 22), it was really just a nuisance. Sneezing, Coughing, and perhaps other psychological and physiological symptoms. But i still led a perhaps typical childhood.

But over the years symptoms have increased and gotten to the point where life was no longer ‘typical’ in my eyes. I avoided situations and things and some days felt not good enough to do things. I started noticing that springtime was a difficult time and now avoided some things outside. I also started having migraines with rainbow colors and a sinus headache afterwards. These were not very often but very scary and i therefore avoided the situations where they happened previously. And anxiety attacks started happening.

I also noticed i was extremely tired in the mornings and felt much better late at night and didn’t want to go to bed – which compounded the problem.

I did the ‘normal’ things one would do when they experienced these symptoms. First try over-the-counter medicine and then visit by local Allergist when they didn’t work. I got all the tests – the scratch tests, the blood tests, the sniff tests, the sublingual tests, the muscle tests, etc. They all pointed to the fact that i was allergic to LOTS of stuff. I tried the ‘shots’ for about a year but never really felt any better. The prescription drugs and nasal spray never really worked either and when they did the side effects were bad (tired, dizzy).

I started digging into the alternatives – vitamins, supplements, energy medicine, chiropractors, etc. and still continue to this day.

It came to a point where i couldn’t stay awake at my job and i was fired – first time ever. I tried another job and that lasted about 9 months before i quit and bought an online business, thinking i could work from home and work my own hours. That was 13 years ago and is what i’ve been doing since.

What i’ve found in the last 7 years is that i have multiple chemical sensitivities and the same allergies and maybe more. I’ve found out that by changing my diet and completely avoiding wheat, milk, and corn, i lost a lot of weight and felt a lot better. I also cleaned up my home and removed all carpeting and other chemicals from the home – including cleaning supplies and personal products. I could never work again in an office setting unless that office was completely chemical free and my hours would have to be shortened because i can’t work more than a few hours without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. And, of course, some days are better and some days are worse.

I’ve read countless books on allergies, chemical sensitivities, anxiety, etc and came to the conclusion that my adrenal glands just weren’t working right. This was confirmed in the last 2 years by a ‘medical doctor’. I have been taking supplements to improve this but they only seem to help a little bit. Things got so bad this past year that my ‘medical doctor’ had to give me ‘cortisol’ in the form of steroids to ‘give the adrenal glands a break’. I truly believe this will work and this is where by blog story starts.

I am hoping that by writing these posts, we can forma community where we all don’t feel alone and can maybe help each other. I truly believe, in my humble opinion, that the ‘medical society’ is about 10 years behind the times in the direction they are taking with allergies and chemical sensitivities and in 10 years we will know so much more about these conditions.

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